About us

Sterimatic Worldwide Ltd is a UK based and family owned, production and design company offering products and innovative solutions to the Animal Health Industry. It was established in 2003 following a management buy out of Sterimatic Ltd (Sterimatic Ltd was established in 1982).
Our unique range of equipment is used to help ensure Animal Health products are administered correctly, safely and cleanly. This minimises the risk of secondary problems and gives the Animal Health product the best opportunity to work correctly.


Our products are used world-wide across most farming sectors (cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, fish and rabbits). We work with Distributors, Veterinary Practices, Government Departments and many Veterinary Pharmaceutical Companies.


We offer a range of bespoke veterinary devices including;
  •  Transfer spikes (safe mixing spikes), vented spikes with draw-off tubes and I.V. administration kits.
  • Attachatag, a non invasive attachment system for fly repellent ear tags for cattle.
  • Customised bottle holders, bottle protectors and syringe holsters.
  • Not Available from 2021 – Sterimatic injection kits for safer, cleaner injections. These are designed to improve user safety and animal welfare whilst injecting livestock. The Sterimatic Needle Guard protects the needle and improves user safety against needle stick injuries whilst the Stericap automatically cleans the needle, reducing infections, abscesses and disease transmission between livestock.


  • We can source and supply a wide range of items from our Global Suppliers.
  • Design, development and supply of new devices.
  • Consultancy and advice on devices for Animal Health product administration.
  • Device portfolio management.