Sterimatic Refill Pack Green Sleeve (22mm injection 500 dose)

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Sterimatic Refill Pack for use with all syringe packs.

Multi-dose Syringe, Needle Protector and Cleaning System.

The Sterimatic system consists of a safety sleeve and Stericap which attach onto many standard multi-dose syringes.

The system has been designed to take the worry out of giving injections (subcutaneous or intramuscular) by automatically cleaning and protecting the needle. This has proven to:

  • Reduce needle-stick injuries, Reduce infection and abscessing, Reduce disease transmission
  • Safer Cleaner Injections – 22mm injection

Pack contains;

  • 5 x Stericaps (100 injections per cap)
  • 5 x 18G Needles (for 22mm injections)