2ml Bottle mounted metal syringe with Sterimatic 12mm Injection Kit (18G, 300 dose)

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Quality Bottle-mounted metal syringe with the Sterimatic Needle Protection System

The Sterimatic system consists of a Needle Guard and Stericap which attach onto many standard multi dose syringes.
The system has been designed to take the worry out of giving injections by automatically cleaning and protecting the needle. This;

  • Reduce needle-stick injuries
  • Reduces infection and abscessing
  • Reduces disease transmission

Pack contains;

  • 2ml Bottle mounted Phillips metal syringe. Variable dose. Accurate and reliable
  • Vented spike with draw off tube
  • 1 x Sterimatic Clear Needle Guard (12mm injection depth)
  • 3 x Stericaps (100 injections per cap)
  • 3 x 18G Metal hub Needles